Crazy Days of Summer Sale

We love a good deal at Park Seed, and thereÔÇÖs nothing we love better than offering our customers the best bargains possible, whether on our quality seeds or garden supplies. ThereÔÇÖs something here for every gardener, at any level, and something for every garden.

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5 (3)
Organic Roma Tomato Seeds
4.75 (4)
Bunny Tails Ornamental Grass Seeds
5 (1)
As low as $3.47
E3 Easy Wave® Yellow Petunia Seeds
Rainbow Carrot Seeds Blend
4.4 (5)
Night and Day Snapdragon Seeds
Waltham 29 Heirloom Broccoli Seeds
5 (1)
Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds
Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds
As low as $4.95
Dill Seeds
3 (2)
Homemade Pickles Cucumber Seeds
As low as $3.97 Regular Price $7.95
Park's Whopper Hybrid Melon Cantaloupe Seeds
As low as $4.95
Peppermint Seeds
As low as $4.95
Brandywine Tomato Seeds
Utah Tall Organic Celery Seeds
Thumbelina Mix Zinnia Seeds
Sweet Basil Seeds
Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds
Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds
As low as $4.95
Hale's Best Organic Melon Cantaloupe Seeds
5 (1)
'Mother of Pearl' Poppy Seeds
Danvers 126 Half Long Carrot Seeds