Nasturtium Flower Seeds

Both the leaves and the flowers are edible on this beloved trailing plant, which thrives in sunshine and poor soil. But most folks can't bear to cut the bright blooms and lilypad-like foliage, preferring to grow Nasturtium as an ornamental. 

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The edible "spiller" every garden needs

Nasturtiums: More Than Just Ornamental

Looking to add a touch of beauty and utility to your garden? Look no further than nasturtiums. These beloved trailing plants not only grace your garden with their bright blooms and lilypad-like foliage but also offer a plethora of culinary delights and practical benefits.

Edible Delights

Did you know that both the leaves and flowers of nasturtiums are edible? Bursting with peppery flavor, they make a delightful addition to salads, sandwiches, and garnishes. Incorporate them into your culinary creations for a pop of color and a hint of zest.

Thrives in Adversity

Nasturtiums are the epitome of resilience, thriving in sunny spots and poor soil conditions. Their ability to adapt and flourish in less-than-ideal environments makes them a favorite among gardeners seeking low-maintenance yet stunning additions to their landscapes.

Natural Pest Control

Say goodbye to pesky aphids with nasturtiums as your allies. These plants naturally repel aphids, acting as a protective barrier for your garden. Plant them alongside your vegetables and herbs to ward off unwanted pests without the need for harmful chemicals.

Easy to Grow

Whether you have acres of land or a small balcony, nasturtiums are a breeze to cultivate. Simply direct-sow the seeds into your garden or containers, sit back, and watch them take off. With minimal care, these annual plants will reward you with a season-long display of beauty and flavor.

Companion Planting

Enhance the health and vitality of your garden by incorporating nasturtiums as companion plants. Their sprawling vines provide ground cover, suppressing weeds and conserving moisture. Plus, they attract beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, promoting pollination and biodiversity.


Nasturtiums are more than just pretty flowers – they're versatile, resilient, and beneficial additions to any garden. Whether you're savoring their peppery leaves and blooms in the kitchen or marveling at their ornamental beauty outdoors, these plants are sure to delight both your senses and your gardening aspirations. Embrace the charm and utility of nasturtiums in your garden today, and reap the rewards of their multifaceted appeal.

Ready to elevate your garden with nasturtiums? Direct-sow the seeds, bask in their beauty, and savor their culinary delights – your garden will thank you for it.