Park Seed Exclusive Fruits

Unique fruit seeds and plants for your backyard garden will keep your remarkable garden reputation intact.  Are you known in the neighborhood as the source for growing uncommon fruit plant and seed varieties? Do you follow recent trends, test unfamiliar types, and lead the new garden plant idea crowd? Then this exclusive fruit plant and seed offering is sure to excite your garden planning genes with unusual and cutting-edge fruit varieties. 

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Park's Whopper Hybrid Watermelon Seeds
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Park's Whopper Hybrid Melon Cantaloupe Seeds
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Park's Whopper Strawberry Plants & 2 Growin' Bags

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Exclusives mean you’ll only find them here!

When your garden ripens with armloads of harvested fruits, the sweetest edibles, and the juiciest, most luscious fruits, you’ve ever tasted, you’ll know it’s from planting the exclusive fruit seed and plant favorites you can only find here.

Park Seed fruit exclusives may include Whopper seed varieties that grow bigger, faster, and more delicious fruit harvests. Exclusive fruit plants may also display exceptional hardiness which will allow fruit seeds to grow successfully further north and into more USDA Hardiness Zones than ever before. If your garden is prone to pests and disease, we may have exclusive fruit plants and seeds that are more disease resistant and better at repelling pest insects in your garden.

Exclusive in this case also means a limited quantity, so don’t wait to order your exclusive fruit seeds and plants. These sought-after, popular, and only-found-here options sell quickly. Order now and we’ll ship seeds in days and plants at the proper time for planting depending on the season and your growing zone.

Each of our exclusive fruit seeds and plants are selected to perform exceptionally in your garden when chosen by appropriate Zone, planted according to instructions, and cared for with the proper attention. With Park Seed’s century plus of experience, consult our growing guides and product details to ensure your successful harvest of delicious and succulent fruits straight from the garden to your table. Get growing with Park Seed, your partner in gardening.